New Albany Data Center

Why New Albany, Ohio?

New Albany is poised to become the Silicon Valley of the Midwest. Lincoln Rackhouse’s Silicon Heartland Data Center Campus is considered to be the new epicenter of technology development.

The campus is flexible and convenient with access to over 200 carriers and proximity to major hyperscale and technology firms.

The data center delivers affordable, well-connected, secure, low-risk infrastructure and network connections in an emerging market with a demand for digital infrastructure growth.

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Power & Security

Utility Substation

The AEP on-site substation is currently under construction with an expected delivery of July 2024.
0 kV

Double-ended 138 kV transmission lines are adjacent to the site. On-site dedicated 300 MVA substation in N+1 configuration.

Space for up to five, 50 MVA substation transformers.
0 %
Transmission rate available for 22% savings over distribution rate



There will be five service provider vault locations for redundancy and the creation of multiple service provider channels. A 96-strand neutral fiber network will be built for high-speed data communications throughout the New Albany Business Park.


Building 1

Phase 1

0 MW
0 kV

Up to 10 MW, 34 kV local distribution circuit available Q3-2023.

Phase 2

0 MW
0 kV
50 MW, 138 kV substation in-service Q2-2024

Lincoln Property


Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword to Lincoln Property Company. The impacts data centers have on resources have the potential to become more monumental than they already are.

That’s why the selected design team for this project is experienced in making data centers sustainable without compromising performance.
The company has a goal to make all new buildings for this campus carbon-neutral by 2030.

The design team, which follows the AIA 2030 Commitment, will use its expertise on building performance, life cycle, building materials and the manufacturing process to make this goal a reality.

A holistic approach is used to initially evaluate the level of carbon. From there, continuous measuring and monitoring of facility operations take place. Once the building is no longer in use, the team will determine how the materials can be recycled or reused.

Tax Incentives

Real Estate Tax Abatement

Lincoln Property Company has secured a 15-year, 100% tax abatement, with general employment zoning, in order to accommodate a wide range of uses and industries.

New Albany’s Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Real Property Tax Abatement program offers property tax exemptions for projects that result in new employment opportunities and economic growth.

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